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A 29 year old family orientated, lifestyle blogger.
This "smidgin" of the internet was first established in 2017 and is a safe haven for all things "Rachy talk".

Expect the unexpected when reading!

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”

Be unapologetically YOU!

AVON True Colour Flawless Foundation – Light Pink

January 26, 2017

Okay guys, so this is the first time that I have reviewed a foundation. In my opinion, I think it’s quite a hard thing to do, as there are a…

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Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

August 30, 2016

Being a female I am always switching and changing my hair care routine and always looking for the best hair products when it comes to the quality and value of…

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Avon BB 7-in-1 Nailwear (Shade – Lilac Love)

August 5, 2016

Review – ‪#‎AVON‬ BB 7-in-1 Nailwear (Shade – Lilac Love) Nail polish.. Hmmn.. my most favourite thing.. Not! I’ve always been envious of people that can easily grow lovely, gorgeous…

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AVON – Ideal Flawless Colour Correcting Pearls

July 18, 2016

REVIEW- AVON Ideal Flawless Colour Correcting Pearls Now if you’re a daughter of a blue-skin, red-hair male like myself or just naturally a pale person in general then you’ll know…

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AVON Clearskin Black Mineral Pore-Penetrating mask

July 9, 2016

 ‪‘AVON Clearskin Black Mineral Pore-Penetrating mask’ WARNING – The following review is not for ‘shower people’ or those who don’t enjoy ‘TLC time’ in the bath. Also be prepared for bath…

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AVON Summer Saviours

Behold lovelies, my AVON ‘Summer Saviours’! As you may or may not know I am currently on holiday in the lovely, warm (scorching!) Marrakech and have been since last Friday. Anyone…

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