LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box Review March 2018

  LookFantastic Beauty Review – Beauty Box (March Edit)  Back with another Beauty Box for the Lookfantastic Beauty Box Unboxing Series! Lookfantastic’s March Beauty Box not only looks aesthetically intriguing but is also prided to be one-of-its-kind. Instead of receiving another color co-ordinated box, this month you’ll receive a box which is artistically inspired by the pop art culture. Its message is…
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Instant Confidence Booster – Payday Beauty Treats

There comes a point in every woman’s life where she requires a little pick-me-up. Whether it’s buying something she likes or going the ‘whole hog’ and splurging on an all-inclusive holiday – Everyone is entitled to it and women are of no exception. So I asked Amy from High Style Life what her thoughts and feelings were on this theory, and…
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PR Event At The Head Of Steam – Nottingham

*This post is in collaboration with TankPR The Head Of Steam Just the other day my mother and I were invited to a VIP Press Event at a local venue that had just opened in my home city of Nottingham, The Head Of Steam. Situated in a gorgeous location with a beautiful outlook this building sits just on High Pavement…
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My TV Recommendations 2017/2018

Do you find yourself religiously researching all the latest tele hear-say? You know, the upcoming shows, films that are soon to be released and all the time trying to decide what you can fall in love with, become addicted to and make your staple show? I’m afraid all these warning signs tell you that you’re on the verge (if not already)…
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How To Make Your Blog Appealing

Now before you say it, I know what you’re thinking. For a Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger, why the heck is she talking about Good SEO? Well, because it’s something that concerns all influencers and creators overall, and I believe it to be a very important subject to talk about, and seeing as this (to me) comes under the category of ‘Lifestyle’…
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