How To Make Your Blog Appealing

Now before you say it, I know what you’re thinking. For a Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger, why the heck is she talking about Good SEO? Well, because it’s something that concerns all influencers and creators overall, and I believe it to be a very important subject to talk about, and seeing as this (to me) comes under the category of ‘Lifestyle’…
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LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box Review February 2018

LookFantastic Review – Beauty Box (February Edit)  Aah February, the month of all things girly, pretty, flirty and well Valentines.. Also known as a time where women like to experiment a little more with routines. Whether it’s pulling out your best dress and donning your killer heels, or simply sprucing up your makeup by adding those subtle or bold tones…
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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Gift Ideas With Mother’s Day slowly sneaking up on us (You know like it does every year..). and it being a sentimental time in the year when you can show your mothers and grandmothers, just how much you love them by celebrating their day with a little token of your appreciation. You don’t have to go mad, and I’m not…
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Styles using Linziclip

Styling your Linziclips! Hairstyles for me have always been a right darn struggle. Back when I was young my Mum would be so creative with my hair as well as her own, it was something I always admired about her. It always looked so precise, elegant and perfect.  I would always look amazingly turned out. Pretty plaits, puffy buns, and…
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LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box January 2018

LookFantastic Review – Beauty Box (January Edit)  What? Another beauty box in less than a month? Well yes, I’m a skin-caring, make-up wearing, cosmetic-loving addict and as such I must have my beauty boxes! Ahem, glad that’s out of the way… Now onto the important ‘stuff. I’m going to be unboxing Lookfantastic’s January 2018 beauty box, which from a quick…
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