LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box January 2018

LookFantastic Review – Beauty Box (January Edit)  What? Another beauty box in less than a month? Well yes, I’m a skin-caring, make-up wearing, cosmetic-loving addict and as such I must have my beauty boxes! Ahem, glad that’s out of the way… Now onto the important ‘stuff. I’m going to be unboxing Lookfantastic’s January 2018 beauty box, which from a quick…
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SoulTree Kajals Review*

Feel as though the new you may be lacking that little bit of something? Well don’t worry, as it’s completely natural to feel quite daunting at the beginning of the year, however, there are fantastic ways to grab fresh hold and get that good feeling back by injecting some colour into your cosmetic wardrobe, as lets face it, what feels…
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Cotton Bag Co’s Selfie Bag Review*

Wonder what it would be like to become the next selfie queen? Throughout this year, the media has become more of a social rhythm in today’s society. And with the media pushing us to be creative and to exploit our advantages and the network in all its vanity, the pressure is on to take that all-important photo and capture that perfect selfie.…
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Petshop Goodies! *

The only thing that means more to me than my fur babies is the satisfaction of knowing that what they are eating is the good stuff. So needless to say, Elsa, Isla, and Murphy were all delighted when Rachel contacted them from Petshop and offered them some delicious and tasty treats. Finally, it came to that all important time of day…
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LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box December 2017

LookFantastic Review – Beauty Box (December Edit) Recently after becoming an obsessed LookFantastic fan, I decided that I just had to have both their annual Christmas advent calendar (Which if you follow me on both my Twitter and Instagram then you will know that I am unboxing this every day publically for my viewers, whilst also giving my opinion/mini-review on each product…
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