August 14, 2019

POW Audio: Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Who doesn’t love music? Whatever genre – pop, punk, rock, indie or country (just to name a few). I think we can all admit we have that one song that when it’s played sends more than just sound waves rushing through our bodies. “Amma right?”

So, as a true lover of music, you definitely need to hear it at a volume that not only draws you in but also inspires you – No really, what’s the point of keeping it at just an audible level? However! With that being said – although it would be totally cool and idyllic to bring back The Clash in all their boombox signature glory.

We’ve evolved! So no more do we have to carry those ‘muhusive’ boomboxes around on our shoulders.

You no longer need any of those ‘rad props‘ to make an appearance or get the result.

Let me revolutionise your world and introduce you to the POW Audio Mo – Which provides Collapsible WaveBloom™ technology and includes a magnetic base which is designed to travel or mount to wherever you choose.

I took this on our recent camping trip. And when the typical board games or Limbo didn’t quite make the cut that particular night, I busted out this! EVERYONE commented on just how great this little guy was and the overall experience it provided for our time in the Lakes.

This little guy is just booming with incredible, innovative features!

Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing the POW Audio Mo!


Superb sound – Quality and volume while inflated or collapsed.

Wide range – 100ft Range!

Easy to set up – Bluetooth connectivity.

Very reasonable Charging time – 8 hour playtime!

Affordable – Anyone can enjoy their music.

Portable – Very compact in the unique way it collapses in order to provide the ultimate portability!

Excellent party starter – Ideal amongst friends and excellent extended audio pal!

Wallet discretely hides any cards – Ideal Festival product/Excellent travel companion!


Slightly bulky – Noticeably fits in your pocket.

Magnetic click mount – Phone attachment is not ideal if you have a RAW phone case (one that is not sealed) as the adhesive on the magnetic click mount may remove some of the product when it comes to the detachment process.

Would I recommend this product to every first-time Camper or Festival goer? You betcha!

I cannot ‘knock’ this product, it’s revolutionary, innovative and provides perfect sound quality for the ultimate party/festival experience – All in just one little speaker. I will be using this in the future for EVERY impromptu gettogether or party!

POW Audio goes live on Amazon UK, with the POW Audio Mo available to buy from 19 August, priced £79.00.

*This post is in collaboration with POW Audio.

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