November 19, 2017

Pulse Light Clinic – COOLSCULPT AD

Throughout my life I’ve always believed that there’s no such thing as a perfect body. Our flaws and imperfections make us unique and who we are. However, it never seems to stop us from striving for that slightly more appealing body in our nature as humans.

With that being said, it’s fair to say that we all have those stubborn, troublesome areas on our body that we’d just love to wave a magic wand and get rid of – I certainly do!

Mine is located on my lower tummy (I call it my ‘puppy fat’) which I am told that I’ve always had since being little. I’ve tried everything, and I assure you no amount of healthy eating or extensive abdominal crunches have seemed to even improve this area. And not going to lie, it has effected my confidence for a while now.

So because of this, I have been doing a bit of research and looking into my options on how to improve this.

While I wanted results, I knew I didn’t want to go down the route of having to undergo surgery to achieve this.

I was quite intrigued in my research to find a treatment called ‘CoolSculpting’ – Which is essentially just freezing fat. I’ve heard and witnessed that it’s safe, effective and FDA approved which is always good to know and reassuring.

How does it work?

So this is a painless treatment which apparently eliminates the stubborn fat cells you have and without any abrasion/harm and unnecessary surgery.

I actually found the process of this treatment amazing especially after looking at the before & after images. I could not believe you could achieve great results with this process. If you look at the video which I’ll link in this post – You’ll see what I mean!

Here are just a few examples of the areas that you can treat:

chin lift arm lift tummy fat reduced thigh gap

The Process

You’re lay in a horizontal position and It’s essentially just like having a pack of ice placed on whatever your troublesome area is and then waiting an hour! And the best part about the waiting – Is in this time you’re left to your own devices. So, you could read, go on your phone or even have a quick snooze – How ideal is that?

It’s great as you can do whatever makes you feel comfortable as this will help you feel relaxed, and in turn will aid in freezing those fat cells and killing them. After this, apparently the body naturally flushes out the dead cells, removing them from the body.

Which sounds amazing as this means the troublesome area is no more!

Check out the Pulse Clinic here which is situated in London, and let me know what your thoughts and comments are when you think about this type of treatment, as I’d love to know!


1st Floor, Peek House, 20 East Cheap,
London, EC3M 1EB




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