January 26, 2017

AVON True Colour Flawless Foundation – Light Pink

Okay guys, so this is the first time that I have reviewed a foundation. In my opinion, I think it’s quite a hard thing to do, as there are a variety of skin shades to choose from, and it would only make sense to review the one that matches closely to my skin tone. With that being said mine is the lightest shade – ‘Light Pink’ so I can certainly give my views on the paler end of the scale.

This particular foundation claims to ‘look and feel 100% natural’ – now I have been trialing this foundation for a little over a week now and I have literally fallen in love with this product.
It gave my skin a lovely, dewy, flawless glow of which I love – which did not take away the natural appeal of my skin.
It has already replaced my regular Estée Lauder foundation as the ‘AVON True Colour Flawless Foundation’ looks much more natural on the skin, is true to my skin tone and it’s a fraction of the cost! – What could be better than that.

Application as always is very simple – But alas! This one comes with a pump! Which is a refreshing change as I find that there isn’t many other branded foundations in the current market that do.

So, the lid is off and it’s now time to pump (Oh yeah! Hee hee), 2 pumps onto the back of your hand is as much as you will need to cover the entirety of your face.

What application tool will you use to apply the foundation? It’s completely up to you and your preference – As you can see mine is a beauty blender – My reason for this is I feel like it’s a more effective and easier way of distributing the product in order to achieve an even look.
Now with your brush/sponge dipped in product, create circular motions around your face until you are happy with the coverage you have.

And El-presto! You are now left with a lovely flawless finish. ?

With a cocktail of shades to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Find your shade.

Thanks for watching.


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