August 6, 2019

Signs Of Low Confidence And Self Esteem

I recently posted a tweet about my low self-esteem and the disturbing feelings that I was feeling at the time. Although it never feels natural, everyone goes through it.

Are the issues that are impacting your self-confidence right now? The truth is that we’re all plagued with little and big insecurities that impact how we feel about ourselves and whether we’re happy with who we are or how we look. Self-confidence is actually incredibly important. Studies have shown that it impacts both our personal and professional lives in profound and unexpected ways. For instance, did you know that if you’re more confident you’re more likely to gain a job position and have a healthy relationship? It’s true, so let’s look at some of the things that could be impacting your confidence and how to fix them the right way.

Going Grey 

Though I pride myself on dying my hair grey, I know for others that isn’t necessarily the case and it can actually be a huge issue.

Have you found your first grey hair? This can be quite a shock, particularly if you are still in your twenties. The reality is that it’s becoming more common to go grey earlier and it’s definitely something that more people are concerned about. Why is this? Well, you can probably put it down to the fact that we lead stressful lives. But it’s also quite often based on genetics. So, that’s another thing you can blame your parents for!

But how should you deal with it? Well, one option would be to dye obviously. There are lots of benefits to dying and as long as you handle it the right way it won’t cause damage to your hair and it will look great. Another possibility is to embrace it. If you’re a guy, then you can have that silver streak that will make you a regular McDreamy and if you’re a girl, you can see how you can look great with grey in the video below. 

Not So Pearly White

Of course, it’s also possible that your greatest confidence killer could be your smile. Perhaps your teeth are looking yellow or maybe they aren’t properly aligned and have gaps or cross over. Here’s a fun fact: teeth aren’t naturally perfectly straight. That’s why the orthodontics industry is booming but let’s tackle yellow teeth first. 

Lady flashing her smile

If you’re suffering from discoloured teeth it’s possible to form a teeth whitener with lemon juice and baking soda. Added together, the two will form a paste that you can spread across your teeth and wash off on a weekly basis. In no time, you’ll see improvements that far exceed the typical whitener mouth wash. 

If your alignment is causing you issues then you might want to consider getting the necessary work to fix it. These days, the results can be remarkable and will give you a confident and beautiful smile

Bad Skin 

lady touching skin

The final big hit to your confidence is typically going to be skin issues. Skin issues can be a nightmare particularly when you pass your teens and they are expected to be in the past. Unfortunately, adult acne is more common than you think. But it’s also easy to handle. Research shows that diet has a big impact on our skin. So, if you want to clear up issues, drinking lots of water, avoiding sugary treats and getting those antioxidants will likely be the answer. 

My insecurities have always been my nose and my ‘tire tummy’, after some time we just have to realise that no matter what form we appear in, we are beautiful.

Feel free to share yours below.

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