May 23, 2019

Small Booby Solutions With Blush Atelier!

Now you may be wondering about the nonsensical title of this post about small boobies, well just to clear up any confusion, they are mine – my boobies are the small ones.

(Apologies in advance for all the boobage you are about to witness)

But I’m not ashamed, no, in fact, quite the opposite – I actually feel liberated by the fact I don’t have to carry around any extra weight on my chest.

Let’s try something; Imagine your worst shopping trip – You know, the kind where you just happen to buy everything off the shopping list and also those oh-so-tempting promotional offers. Now after heading out of the shop with excessive amounts of carrying bags, you look for your car. Alas there is no car to be seen. So it looks like you’re on foot and (just to add insult to injury) it’s a fair way ahead of you. Can you guys relate to the struggle? The weight you would have to carry? That’s what I would imagine my experience to be having fuller, voluptuous, buxom bussoms. A very heavy struggle..


With that being said, I was pleased to be approached by a company who actually supported my love for all things small and beautiful – Which of course included my boobies and how I wanted them to be dressed in gorgeous garments. Unfortunately, it’s quite the common misconception today that by having small boobies means it’s an easier shopping experience when it comes to purchasing cups for your ‘little brown eyes’. I’m afraid loose straps, lifted back bars and an intelligible amount of useless space between breast and brassiere is what dilemmas we perky ladies are in fact usually faced with.

However, for comfort purposes and to also be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes (Yes I used the plural for OBVIOUS reasons) I am very much in favour of the Blush Atelier Ebony Bra as it offers not only gorgeous crochet/lace-detailing for the temptress inside but also on a more practical level it offers immense flexibility, comfort and support to all areas including; arm loops and back straps, which can sometimes feel a little tight and/or disagreeable.

Ebony Bra from Blush Atelier

The Ebony One size bra fits those sized between 28AA-36B/C comfortably. (See below)

Ebony bra blush atelier

Nice and discreet for any tops.

Ebony bra wear - blush atelier

Angled view.

Ebony bra blush atelier

Front view.

Ebony bra blush atelier

Side view.

I’ve found that it’s now with these amazingly versatile companies being available to us, that we ladies can now embrace our perfectly perky-petit-formed-bussoms made just how nature intended them to be – As let’s face it, although they may be our cross to bear, our lumps and bumps make us unique and beautiful, whatever shape or size they may be!

They have an absolutely gorgeous variety of stunning lingerie to browse – Designed to dress and suit any style or size you require.

Shop the range here!

Feel free to let me know what your favourite indulgent, comfy and sexy undergarments are as I’d love to know!

*This post is in collaboration with Blush Atelier all opinions are my own.


4 responses to “Small Booby Solutions With Blush Atelier!”

  1. Ellen says:

    I just realised I wasn’t following you, but I’ve fixed that now! I really enjoyed reading this post!

  2. Geraldine says:

    I think I’ve heard of them before! That bra looks so lovely on you 🙌😌 I also have small ones so I can imagine wearing these myself. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Chloe Chats says:

    Such a pretty bra! I can also relate with my small boobies, and can often find it hard to find the right bra’s! I’m a big fan of laced bra’s so I’ll have to have a look into these, thank you for sharing 🙂

    Chloe xx

  4. This looks like such a pretty bra! I can totally relate! Mine are on the much smaller side too and it can be hard finding cuter options in smaller sizes sometimes. x


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