October 6, 2020

The Various Styles Of Antique Necklaces

The Various Styles Of Antique Necklaces

Of course, there are many different styles when it comes to antique necklaces, spanning from the days of Louis XIV, right up to the Victorian period, and if you are thinking of acquiring such an item, here are a few designs that might interest you.

Lavalier Necklace

This is a chain type necklace with either a pendant or tassel at the bottom, and this style got its name from Louise De La Valliere, a mistress of Louis XIV, who loved this style of necklace. Gold and emeralds make for an ideal combination for this elegant style, while there are also pieces made with rubies and sapphires.

Festoon Necklace

Chains or beads hanging from two points signify the Festoon style, with amethyst and pearl used to create stunning designs, with fine chain that lays nicely on the cleavage. Queen Elizabeth II owns a superb Festoon necklace, which was bequeathed to her by Queen Alexandra of Denmark. If you are looking for a fine example of this style of necklace, visit online dealer Kalmar Antiques in Sydney NSW, where you will find a great selection of authentic antique jewellery at very affordable prices.

Sautoir Necklace

A long necklace, usually made with pearls, beads or fine chains, and very often, coloured crystal was used in the making of a Sautoir style necklace. These were very fashionable in the Art Deco period, making an ideal accessory for a long, flowing dress.

Choker Necklace

The choker is worn tightly around the neck, with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires all popular stones to be used in this stylish design. Metals used include silver, gold and platinum, with both thick and thin designs, and this design became very popular during the roaring forties.

Riviere Necklace

A short necklace (typically 14-16 inches), with a line of stones or beads, often ranging in size from small on the outer edges, to large in the centre. This style gets its name from the French word for river, which is riviere, as the necklace flows across the neck much like a river. If you would like to make contact with an established antique dealer, an online search will help you find reputable dealers offering items with very unique features.

Pendant Necklace

A single item hangs from the chain to form a pendant style necklace, which might be a single large stone, or a combination of stones, or even a cluster design. Pendants have typically been associated with offering the wearer some form of protection, plus they are also used in religious ways.

Triple Strand Necklace

The necklace comprises of three separate strands, which might be pearls, ceramics or even precious stones. This style did not really come into its own until the 1950s, but there are fine examples from the Art Deco era.

Regardless of the style you prefer, if you would like to view some stunning antique and vintage necklaces, search for your local antique dealer’s website where you can browse in the comfort of your own home, and when you find the ideal piece, a secure and quick online payment will see the jewellery packaged and delivered to your home address.

Do you have a keen eye for antiques? Which pieces are your favourite?

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