February 8, 2018

Styles using Linziclip

Linziclip cover

Styling your Linziclips!

Hairstyles for me have always been a right darn struggle.

Back when I was young my Mum would be so creative with my hair as well as her own, it was something I always admired about her. It always looked so precise, elegant and perfect.  I would always look amazingly turned out. Pretty plaits, puffy buns, and pigtails.

She had the imagination of an artist.
Unfortunately, a trait that I didn’t inherit.

As since growing up my hair has always looked very boring, easy and well, loose.

But that was about to change..

I was challenged by Linziclip to show off some (non-existent) creativity by displaying their amazing range of clips in a variety of styles.

Challenge accepted!

Now, let me first start by saying these clips are so incredibly universal and versatile, unlike other hair clips there are no visible unsightly clips and they come in a variety of different sizes, can be used in many different ways and cater to every hair type.

My hair is naturally VERY thick – So much that when I go to my hairdressers, I ALWAYS ask to have it thinned out – No joke!
I should really be bald, but as you can quite clearly see that is definitely not the case.

So with that being said, I was obviously going to favour the more larger and stronger of clip.

I’m going to now display a few ways I chose to style the Maxi, Midi and Mini clips – I’m in no way a professional or hair stylist so these will be easy at-home styles to do, incredibly simple whilst still looking very much ‘dolled up’ and put together.

Here is my Linziclip review

The Maxi Clip

Half updo

Half updo

First, start by using the tips of your ears as a guide to how much hair you want to be scraping back (Approximately the Top half ).

After pulling this section back simply twist the hair when it collects in the center to keep it together and secure it in place with the Maxi clip.

Half updo

The result. A gorgeously pulled back style which looks both classy and elegant.

The lazy tie back

The Lazy Tie back

Start by gathering all of your hair and pulling it to the back as if you were going to create a low ponytail. Then twist it to one side and secure the roll with your Maxi clip.

The result. A sophisticated style with minimal effort, that is both practical and wearable.

The Midi Clip

The Tieback

The Tieback

Using the tips of your ears as a guide, scrape a minimal layer of your hair back, and secure this using your Midi Clip. Pull a few strands loose in order to give definition and complete the overall look.

The result. A girly hairstyle that is both minimal and pretty.

The Plait Twist

The Plait Twist

Start by dividing your hair into two sections, then begin creating the base of a loose plait.

When you get halfway down stop plaiting and pull the hair upwards while finally securing this with a Midi Clip.

Feel free to pull out any side strands as this will only add to the messy up-do and finish the overall casual look.

The Mini Clip

The Two-sided Twist

The Two-sided Twist

Start by taking the front and side sections of your hair and hold them apart.

Next while pinning one side out of the way, take the other and twist it inwards towards your scalp,
once you like how the twist is forming then take your Mini clip and secure it in a place where it gives the most volume.

Repeat on the other side.

The Two-sided Twist

 The result. An elegantly twisted tieback, perfect for any occasion.

The Bohemian Roll

The Bohemian Roll

Take two very small sections of hair from each side of your head and using the tip of your ears as a guide begin twisting both while pulling them to the back of your head. Finally while overlapping the strands of hair, secure in the center using a Mini Clip.

The Bohemian Roll

The result? An easily twisted bohemian do.

I hope you enjoyed this Linziclip review, I certainly did.

It allowed me to explore my inner creativity and experiment with a few different styles that have now changed the way I see my hair and I will definitely be enjoying it more.

Feel free to let me know in the comments if you decide to re-create any of the styles above and also any additional ones that have not been mentioned.

Browse the Linziclip collection here!


Thanks for reading guys!

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  1. Ray says:

    So many cute styles, my favourite was the plait twist, simple yet elegant – great job!

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