June 29, 2020

Simple And Affordable Ways To Switch Up Your Style

Suffering from a style crisis? Perhaps you’re getting tired of your look and want to switch things up? The good news is that you’re not alone.

Style is something that evolves and adapts, and changing things up now and then helps us to reflect our personalities, changing tastes, age and influences. It also helps to keep things interesting! But often, switching up your style means spending money, and when things are tight, it’s not possible to buy a whole new wardrobe or enjoy a complete makeover. 

But who said style has to be expensive? If you’re looking to change your look and try something new, here are some simple and affordable ways to switch up your style.

Get a new hairdo

A new hairdo is the perfect way to switch up your style. Going short after years of long hair, for example, can make a big difference to your look and give you the chance to keep playing with new hairstyles that weren’t possible with your old haircut. 

Get some ideas from this year’s biggest hair trends and go for the chop. New hair can signal a new start and a new you, and is the perfect way to treat yourself. The hard part is just deciding what you want.

Try new makeup looks

If you’ve always done your makeup in the same way, it could be time to try something new. And you don’t even need to rush out to buy a new load of makeup products to do it! Experimenting with different beauty looks can help you find new styles that suit you. From adding a bold lip to testing out a smoky or block-color eye, you never know which new styles you’ll fall in love with.

Get some ideas from Instagram and Pinterest and watch some how-tos on YouTube. Makeup is one of the easiest ways to transform your look and it could make a huge difference to your confidence – making you look and feel younger while still looking like yourself.

Add some new accessories to your wardrobe

When your budget is tight, adding new accessories is a simple way to enhance your wardrobe. Belts, shoes, bags, jewellery – it all makes a bigger difference than you realize. Do you wear glasses? Perhaps a bold new style could help you switch things up. You can pick up top brands at great prices, making it easy to add some new eyewear to your collection. Accessories can be picked up cheaply, and thrift shopping could be a fun way to find some vintage pieces to add to your collection.

Focus on creating a capsule wardrobe

Style doesn’t have to involve adopting the latest trends. In fact, true style is more timeless than that. Having a capsule wardrobe of good-quality, classic clothing will serve you much better than always jumping on the latest trend. 

There are some key pieces that are essential to a capsule wardrobe, including some great jeans, tailored blazers and some blouses that can be dressed up or down. A good wardrobe clearout will help you get rid of the items you no longer wear or like, helping you scale down. Having a capsule wardrobe makes it easier to choose outfits but it also helps you keep your style on point.

There’s a lot of focus on sustainable fashion right now, and choosing long-wearing, stylish pieces is a smarter choice than always filling your closet with fast fashion.

Play with what you’ve got

Have you ever tried shopping your own closet? It’s a fantastic way to rediscover some old favorites and find items you forgot you even had. Get everything out and get it all organized – organizing by color is a popular way to curate your closet. 

You’ll want to check through all of your items to see what needs fixing, what needs to go and what could be saved with a little revamp. Tailoring your clothes is a great way of boosting your style, so it’s worth giving your existing wardrobe a second look and seeing what can be done. Try different combinations and photograph them – you’ll have your own lookbook to refer to the next time you can’t find anything to wear!

Style is ever-changing, but you don’t need a brand new wardrobe every time to stay stylish. From making small changes to a complete overhaul, there are ways to create a new look for yourself without having to spend a small fortune. Have fun transforming your look to help you find your signature style

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