November 23, 2017

The Dress

Let’s face it, there are only a few moments in your life when you truly feel twirl-worthy as though you’ve reached your girly potential/achievement – Proms, weddings, and maybe even milestone parties.

So okay, all of these occasions scream beautiful, loud, and maybe even flamboyant. However, despite them demanding you to wear something incredibly sparkly or bright and you know “out there”, they all seem to have a certain code or rule that comes along with them. So, it feels as though you never actually own that one drop-dead, gorgeous dress that has no purpose or place other than to make you smile, sparkle and maybe even hone your inner ‘red carpet’ fantasies.

Until now..

This trophy piece that I’m about to show you is just incredibly beautiful and just epitomizes elegance. It’s my little piece of happiness that I can feel girly and pretty wearing, just like a princess without her crown.

Michelle Keegan Dress

Michelle Keegan Dress

Doused in hand-sewn, pearlescent sequins and pearls from head to toe, this champagne beauty is sure to get those heads turning in any given situation. The open-backed gown reveals just enough skin as the low-plunged neckline screams ‘Debonair’ and ‘Temptress’ all in one. A single piece of silk ribbon can be seen adorning the waist, which you can wear with ease either to the front or down the back of the gown. I find the bracelet-length bell-cuffed sleeves to be a sweet touch to the design, while the mini dress lining underneath offers just the right amount of coverage to protect a lady’s modesty whilst still leaving something to the imagination.

Michelle Keegan Dress

It’s no surprise that only very little accessorizing is required for this sequined beauty. With that being said, a lady can never have enough sparkle, so if you do decide to ‘doll’ up this gown further, just be sure to wear something intricate and small as to not distract from the ‘Front row’ show-stopper which demands all the attention it deserves.

Michelle Keegan Dress

What better way for Very to celebrate the Christmas party season, by including this treasure in their collection. But if like me you don’t have a party to attend, then do not worry, you can make your own little Christmas catwalk moment just by strutting around the house knowing that you are ‘da bomb’ and as such look incredible.

If you want to treat yourself this holiday season then I highly recommend browsing Very’s dress collection. As they have such an extensive range of beautiful gowns.

Or if you want to buy the ‘Michelle Keegan Hand Embellished Maxi Dress’ then just click here

Have you guys tried any of their collection?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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