March 22, 2018

PR Event At The Head Of Steam – Nottingham

The Head Of Steam Nottingham PR EVENT

*This post is in collaboration with TankPR

The Head Of Steam

Just the other day my mother and I were invited to a VIP Press Event at a local venue that had just opened in my home city of Nottingham, The Head Of Steam.

Situated in a gorgeous location with a beautiful outlook this building sits just on High Pavement and looks opposite to the iconic church-pub, Pitcher & Piano.

Press and bloggers alike were invited from all around to experience what the venue had to offer and what we thought of the overall night.

So here is my take;

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the very accommodating and friendly staff of Head Of Steam who made us feel very welcome and also extended an extra smile and imaginary paw to our furry companion, Murphy.


Yes, the venue is dog-friendly! How great is that? So, of course, we had to take advantage of this and Murphy had to come along for the ride!

Murphy at The Head Of Steam Nottingham


Once shown to our seats, we were presented with the ‘Bible’.

No Amens or Hail Mary’s in here I’m afraid, just a glorious selection and wide range of Beers/Lagers/Ales to choose from- And one to suit every taste and dish!

(Including gluten-free for the fussy of tummies)

The Bible at The Head Of Steam Nottingham

Tried & Tasted Cocktail Selection;

After being introduced to their gorgeous selection of beverages, we knew we just had to try some!

And they were;

Pick me up

Flaming Zombie

English Garden

Long Island Iced Tea

Beverly Hills Iced Tea

Cocktails at The Head Of Steam Nottingham

Rachy at The Head Of Steam Nottingham

As you can see I enjoyed that part quite a LOT!

 “Ahem. Moving along”

Cocktail-making Display

In-between our complimentary cocktails and chatter we were invited to take part in a viewing of their Bar Mastery Cocktail-Making display.

Which needless to say, was on FIRE!

The Head Of Steam Nottingham Drinks

And thus, ‘The Flaming Zombie‘ was born, and boy did it surpass any of our expectations.

Nearly every type of rum you can imagine poured and combined with Triple Sec, Wray & Nephew  Overproof Rum and finally topped with Orange juice and Grenadine. – One word, Delicious!


The Head Of Steam Nottingham Drinks
















Dinner Choices

A few cocktails in and feeling delightfully tipsy, it was safe to say we were relieved when our waiter showed up to take our order.

The menu compromised of a varied selection of delightful delicacies to choose from including our traditionally well-known good nosh, from the typical Fish & Chips to the Moroccan Harissa Marinated Salmon – There was truly something for everyone’s tastes.

After much deliberation, we decided to order the 21 Day-Aged Yorkshire Sirloin Steak, cooked Medium-rare, which is my personal favourite and one that I was really excited to try.

Menu at The Head Of Steam Nottingham

After only a short while the food arrived and we were greeted by a mouth-watering display of what you would imagine your dream steak to look like.

Sufficiently portioned, succulently moist and cooked on a bed of rocket, red onion salad, with sun blushed tomatoes and served with your favourite fries.

“Needless to say, it was bloomin’ beautiful!”

Murphy also enjoyed his fair share of steak.

“Now take it nicely” *Lips-licked*

Murphy at The Head Of Steam Nottingham

Tummies now full and thirst sufficiently quenched, it was time to look around at the venue’s decor.

Over-sized luxury furniture (Approved by mum!) decked with oodles of character and originality, every room could tell a story

The Head Of Steam Nottingham

The theme of The Head Of Steam is based around immersing the guest in the atmosphere of all things locomotive.

The decor projects the feel of a train station – This theme very successfully runs throughout the venue.

Inside along the with the decor, the lighting is incandescence which achieves a great feeling of intimacy and relaxation which is cohesive with being able to let the stresses of daily life ebb away.

The Head Of Steam Nottingham

Head Of Steam Nottingham Toilets

The Head Of Steam Bar

The Head Of Steam Tea

Murphy at The Head Of Steam

Suffice to say the interior design is second to none – Well done team!

Alas, all good things have to come to an end, and so did our experience.

Murphy coming home from the Head Of Steam Nottingham

We were sad to go but also excited as it wouldn’t be long till we were back, as we were positive that we had found our new go-to venue.
Where the refreshments are extensive.
The company is loud and cheerful, and the food is exquisite.

Also where else can you go which is both enjoyable for you and your pooch?

(Still so happy about this!)

Murphy at the Head Of Steam Nottingham

And throughout the stay, Murphy made friends with a few other furry woof-ers! Ernie, Alfie, and Ruby!


If you’re in the area, then be sure to pay The Head Of Steam a visit. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

They have restaurants dotted in various locations with one in Leicester coming very soon!

Check out their whereabouts here.

“Thank you once again for inviting us, it was such an eventful evening and every part of the night was memorable and enjoyable.”



(All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Want to see Nottingham’s first self-serve wine bar? Click here!


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  1. Hayley says:

    What a great evening it was and this is a fabulous blog post you’ve written 🙂
    I was also a big fan of the Zombie cocktails. I shall be returning for another soon. lol
    Hope there’s plenty more cool events this year for us to go to.
    Talk soon:)

  2. Hey!
    You’re nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award!!!
    Here’s the post:


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