Tips For Staying Safe While Travelling

August 8, 2019

Is there anything more freeing and exciting than travelling to somewhere new? There’s a whole new world out there and if you’re taking the plunge to go abroad solo, safety should be of the utmost importance at all times. For tips on how to stay safe this summer whether living out of a camper trailer tent in Australia, venturing on a cruise across the Mediterranean Sea or renting a shack in Panama, there are things you should do before and during your trip to keep you secure.  

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Travel Plans

It might be tempting to go off the grid and explore the world the way people do in the movies, without a plan of where you are going or what you’ll be doing. However, although this might look fun, you are putting yourself in great danger doing so. A plan of some kind of where you are going and how you will be getting in there, and perhaps even a plan B should be readily available for your closest family members and friends to see.

And so, in the worst-case scenario, if you have not contacted your relatives in a few days they can always trace your steps from the plan you provided and call the accommodation you are staying at to try and get in contact with you. If you feel that planning your entire trip beforehand goes against your inner spontaneity, at least tell someone where you are heading to during the moment that you have figured it out.

Money, Passport And Phone

These are the most vital three things you will take on your travels. Your passport is your ID to allow you to pass through different countries with ease. Your phone enables you to contact home should you need help or advice. And your money will keep you fed and sheltered throughout your trip. It’s recommended to keep these items on your person or in a safe at your accommodation. Spread your cash and cards around, between hidden pockets, your rucksack, and even put some money in your shoe, and keep your phone out of sight and refrain from taking it out too often when you are wandering around a new country.

When you are travelling solo, you are much more vulnerable to potential attacks. And so spreading your valuables around will hopefully prevent a situation where all of your necessities are taken away from you in one go.

Travel In Pairs

There are pros and cons of travelling either alone or with other people. However, the most significant advantage of travelling with others is the added element of safety. You will not appear as defenseless to onlookers if you are travelling with company, plus you will have someone with you to help and support you in case you experience a holiday from hell. If you have a friend that’s been dying to go travelling or a cousin that would love to share the experience with you, let them! Chances are you will have much more fun with company anyway.

Wherever you go, the reality of travelling away, especially alone to unknown territory, although exciting, can also be quite frightening. It’s essential to have your wits about you wherever you go, always have a plan that you can forward on to your family, keep your valuables safe, and consider travelling with others for a safer trip.


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