May 16, 2020

Top 4 Small Dogs for Small Apartments

So you have finally moved into your lovely little apartment, and you’re feeling very settled, but still, one thing is missing – the perfect pet companion. If you’re a dog lover and you’re thinking about finding the perfect puppy for your apartment, be careful with the choices that you make. Understand that the adorable Dalmatian puppy you saw at your local kennel will one day grow to nearly 60cm in height, weighing up to 32 kg. Its personality is incredibly jovial and playful, so you can imagine this pet wreaking havoc in a small apartment – especially when he is bored. I think you get the picture now! 

It is vital to welcome into your home, a dog that is more appropriate in size, and whose personality matches your own. That being said, here are four gorgeous dogs that are perfect for small apartments.


1. The ‘Couch-Potato’ Pug

Pugs are very homely, fuss-free, loyal dogs – whose presence is always a source of comfort. They make perfect couch-companions as although they can be very social, they also don’t mind getting cosy on a couch, and simply watching some TV with you. The average pug is 25-30cm in height and weight between 6-8kg. When it comes to pug health, be sure to give it plenty of exercise, as its couch potato tendencies make this breed a likely candidate for obesity.

2. The Mellow Maltese

The Maltese made our list due to its affectionate, easy-going, and gentle personality. They are true ‘companion’ dogs as they enjoy lots of human interaction – so they may not do well being left alone for long periods of time. Their average height is only 20cm (the smallest on our list) and 3-4kg in weight, making them perfect for small apartments. Don’t worry about its long hair as it does not shed easily. But do make sure that you inspect it’s hair and skin regularly as long-haired dogs are more prone to fleas and ticks infestations. Indeed all dogs are targets for parasites, but long hair on dogs gives the pests a good hiding space to feed and lay its eggs. This can be prevented by purchasing ticks and fleas treatment over-the-counter or online from a reputable website such as


3. The Cool & Calm Greyhound

For those with small apartments that really love tall dogs, Greyhounds have been added to this list because of their gentle, docile personality. Indeed Greyhounds are best-known for their racing qualities, but they are also very cool and calm in nature, making them well-suited to small spaces. With this personality trait, they very much enjoy lounging around the house. The average greyhound is 70cm tall and 34kg in weight. In terms of their health, they require nothing more than a daily walk to stay fit and healthy.


4. The Beautiful Bichon Frise


Cue the collective ‘ahhh’ sounds. Yes, it’s got to be the cutest of all. The Bichon Frise makes our list not only due to its size but also because of its sensitive, playful and affectionate personality. This little furball loves to be around everyone and is always very cheerful but can turn feisty when provoked. The average height of this breed is 25cm with an average weight of 4kg. Be warned that although cute and adorable, it tends to bark much more than other breeds – which you might not mind but your neighbours may think otherwise

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