January 23, 2020

It’s Time We Had A Chat About Travel Costs

When it comes to travel, there’s good news, and there’s bad news. On the positive side of the equation, travel costs for like-for-like services have fallen dramatically over the past forty years or so. You can now book an all-inclusive package holiday, including return flights, for less than a week’s pay – sometimes much less. That’s a massive turnaround from just twenty years ago when going abroad was still a gigantic expense.

On the negative side, travel expenses can still get out of control, especially if you rely on third-party services for everything. Upgrades, transfers, insurance, and all the other costs can balloon, leaving your bank account way emptier than you’d hoped. It’s a nightmare.

When it comes to travel, it’s a good idea to stick to a few rules that help you reduce your costs while still getting the experience that you want. Here’s what to do.

Base Your Activites In The Daytime Around Free Activities

Riding bikes into the sunset

The whole point of travelling to a new place is to explore it and find out more about it. You want to get a feel for the land and the culture, and have a sense that you’re on an adventure, whether you’re in a city or rural beauty hotspot.

Spending your time during the day exploring on foot or bicycle is a virtually free way to take everything in. Plus, it gives you a chance to take a little exercise, which might otherwise be lacking from your schedule.

Travel During Quiet Times Of The Year

Unless you have kids, there’s usually no need for you to take your holiday in the summer, like everyone else. You can take a winter break if you like, and make massive savings. What’s more, you can avoid the crowds and get some much-needed winter sun. What could be better than that?

Fly To The Cheapest City

Flights are a significant component of the overall cost of your break, second only to hotels and accommodation. Airlines tend to price their flights not according to distance, but demand. The more people who want to travel to a given city on a specific day, the higher the price will be. Travellers, therefore, who fly to airports on routes with lower demand often benefit from lower rates.

Plane flying over a city

Choosing the cheapest city and then getting a transfer can sometimes work out less expensive than travelling directly. You can sometimes find flights for less than $50 where airlines are looking to fill empty seats before the scheduled flight takes off.

Travel costs can get out of control, but with sensible planning, you can get the prices down and still indulge in your passions. For those looking for a loan, there are options too. You don’t necessarily have to pay for everything upfront if you don’t have the cash there and then. You can take advantage of low prices now and then pay for your holiday at a later date once you’ve been paid.

Travelling isn’t always about living a life of luxury. It’s also about doing something authentic that makes you feel connected. For most people, that’s the source of the buzz for the entire experience.

Heading off anywhere anytime soon?

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