April 30, 2019

Trying FALSE lashes!

Let’s talk about false lashes, shall we?

And my inadequacy of being able to place them so they DO NOT look like ‘false lashes.’

As a hopeful upcoming, and aspiring creative, I attempt to share my own genre of creative looks across social media. And when it comes to the beauty community, the appreciation, love and respect I have for other artists is immense! 


Every artist I have ever followed has always owned an incredible and unique ability to put a creative spin on their art – as believe it or not it takes more than just pretty colours and stories to create a look worthy of viewing; Stamina, consistency, determination and, concentration are all necessary contributing factors in order to perfect the ultimate look.

But the final touches are just as important, if not one of the most important things you can do in order to amplify and fine-tune your looks. As just like the eyebrows, lashes can easily frame the face in many different ways; Delicately to soften a look, or they can ‘va-va -voom’ your look in order to realease the inner queen you were born to be, by emanating extravagance and drama. 

Even if you decide not to totally cake your face in colours, if done properly just like a good pair of brows, eyelashes can also make you look put-together on a makeup-free day!

So, it was about time to give these theories a try – Whether or not I could rock the dramatic lashes, or simply sultry enhance a look, and I am so happy to team up with FalseEyelashes.co.uk in order to try.

KoKo – Heiress (Link)

Upon first application – I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous and inexperienced (Because let’s face it, I just am!). As if like me, you’re a virgin to the ‘false lash’ community then you’ll probably defer from lashes that have a visible black lash band – as in my opinion it significantly alters the versatility and what looks you can actually use them with.

Heiress False LashesHeiress False LashesHeiress False Lashes

However, after smoking out the lash line in order to conceal this little discrepancy and actually bending the lash band to fit my eye’s shape, they applied really well, felt surprisingly lightweight and appeared really sultry and flirtatious – Which you know, is what I’m all about!

KoKo – 9 to 5 (Link)

These had to be my absolute favourite; The application was easy (Which for me is a major bonus!), Perfectly wispy and long in order to elongate the eye, adding necessary length where needed all while keeping it subtle and wearable. Just perfect!

9 to 5 Lashes9 to 5 Lashes9 to 5 Lashes9 to 5 Lashes

I absolutely adored wearing this pair. The wispy lengths extenuate the eyes and add to that overall cat-eye look which we can all tend to find ourselves gravitating to! The perfect accompaniment to wear for a sexy night out while also being acceptable to wear with little-to-no makeup. Truthfully in every way, a workable ‘9 to 5’ lash.

KoKo – Madame Wispy (Link)

Now it wouldn’t really be an honest review if I didn’t also tell you which ones I didn’t like and the negatives behind my reasons, and I can tell you honestly this particular pair of lashes did NOT ‘float my boat’ (so to speak).

Madame Wispy LashesMadame Wispy LashesMadame Wispy Lashes

I could already tell from first looking at these lashes that they probably weren’t going to be ideal. As upon first inspection they appeared very sparse, straight, spikey, straw-like and separated – A lot of adjectives, I know! However, it wasn’t until the application process that I had also realised they weren’t the most comfiest pair of lashes I had tried – And believe it or not up to this point I had actually tried about 15 pairs, so I knew a thing or two about comfort – And what I like my eyeballs to feel like! Not my cup of tea!

(Also, in my opinion they don’t look too great on the model, let alone me!)

EYELURE – Volume No 101 (Link)

Now I was a little bit torn with this one.

On the one hand, these are the perfect pair for the beginner of lashes – They add a small/subtle amount of length and no glue is needed, just a simple press onto the lid and they’re stuck down for good, for the ultimate ease of wear! (Trust me they ain’t budging!). However, if you’re looking for quite the dramatic or excentric lash; full, long and wispy to add extra enhancement to the eyes then these are not going to be the pair for you.

Eyelure No 101 Lashes Eyelure No 101 Lashes Eyelure No 101 Lashes

First, let me start off saying I had my doubts and may have misjudged these brands. These assumptions, unfortunately, stem from the poor experience had with previous lashes, so it’s only fair to be a little bit dubious, right?

However, for someone who is still fairly new to sticking synthetic pieces of hair to my lids, I was pleasantly surprised with just how easy MOST these lashes applied and looked – As unfortunately, it’s hard not to assume that every pair of ‘easy’ lashes isn’t also going to look non-existent.

But I’m so happy with the result, and the overall experience has helped me to become more open-minded while exploring different types of lashes – as you can never be sure just how well a pair of lashes can suit you!

Tell me your lash stories! Which lashes do you regularly reach for?!

*This post is in collaboration with False Eyelashes , all opinions are my own.


11 responses to “Trying FALSE lashes!”

  1. Ash says:

    I have blonde eyelashes, so without mascara, it looks like I don’t have eyelashes 🙈 I’ve always been afraid to use false lashes because I just don’t know how and am scared I’d look a hot mess!

    You rock the heck out of those lashes!!! My favorite has to be the Koko-Heiress

    • Rachyreviews says:

      I have always been very wary of false lashes and how they would make my eyes look (Nevermind the application process)! But I was so happy when they reached out to me, as they really do cater to everyone; everything down to the shape and to make your eye look as flattering as possible without being ‘too over the top’ – If you know what I mean.

      Thank you so much, for pure wearability I favour the ‘9 to 5’ lashes and for pure aesthetic reasons ‘Heiress’.

  2. Oh my god, girl, I’m so rubbish at applying false lashes, it’s an actual struggle for me. Even cutting them evenly is a struggle for me (they’re always too big for my eyes). The KoKo- Heiress lashes look so stunning 😍 I can totally see myself wearing some of these xx

    • Rachyreviews says:

      I can totally appreciate your struggle! When cutting lashes I’m the other way around however – I always cut them too short. But I was so pleasantly surprised to discover that all these lashes fit my eye shape without the need to cut them. I wouldn’t reach for any other lashes now, they are super comfortable and pretty decent to wear out in public (Which is always a major bonus!). xx

  3. Lozza says:

    I love the results of these, they all look incredible on you!
    I have never been able to successfully apply false eyelashes as they normally end up on my eyebrow or my cheek (don’t ask!) so just opt for mascara instead. However I would love to be able to apply them properly as the results are so much better! These sound really easy to apply though and look amazing!

    Love Lozza xo

    • Rachyreviews says:

      I know exactly what you mean lovely. For a good length of time I ended up with them anywhere BUT my eyelids – It’s strange to believe where they can travel right? I have just persevered until I think they look ‘decent’. Thank you, the brand really is easy to wear which is perhaps why I have success with them in the first place.

  4. Lizzie Bee says:

    You did a great job putting them on, especially as it’s your first time! The first time I wore lashes it took me half an hour of myself, my sister, and my boyf (now hubby) all cramped together in my bathroom to try and figure it out. I was a hot mess at the end of it, but now I can’t live without them! The more dramatic, the better!

  5. Chloe Chats says:

    I think they all look great on you! I’ve probably only wore false lashes once and it is a bit of a struggle to get them on!! I’ve got a wedding to go to on Saturday where I need to put some on so hopefully won’t be too stressful and it’ll go smoothly!

    Chloe xx

  6. Anju says:

    Hey,Thank you for telling the easy way of wearing lashes.

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