October 22, 2018

Trying the New Neal & Wolf ‘Blonde’ Range

WARNING: The majority of this blog post contains rather ‘unflattering’ and ‘semi-naked’ Rachy photos, I can assure you that any ‘nip-slips’ or unintended indecency have been erased or blurred. However,  if you are easily offended by these type of images then I suggest you do NOT continue to read this post. However, if you’re among the few mature-minded people out there then enjoy the review and scroll away!

In a bid to find a product that is going to ‘do what it says on the tin‘, I am constantly on the hunt for products that are going to tame as well as tone my unruly blonde locks. Although, it already feels as though I’ve scoured through every lotion and potion there is, as well as exhausting nearly every product in today’s market in order to get my desired blonde – Which as you may know is a very cool-toned (nearly white) icy blonde.

So, I was ever eager to trial a new product launched by the lovely Neal & Wolf and this is their ‘Blonde’ range.

Let me just start off by saying – I absolutely love this company’s ethos!

The brand, Neal & Wolf itself are very exclusive, and their products guarantee you gorgeous-looking results with very little and minimal effort. Every collection has been designed to protect and enhance your natural hair’s features by not including those chemicals that can sometimes act quite harshly against our hair.

And these are;


Is a foam stabiliser, this means it reduces bubble size and makes the foam stable, more creamy and aesthetically pleasing to consumers. This is used in many shampoos as a foaming agent, but is also a known skin irritant. It is only a potential risk however Neal & Wolf have decided to formulate away from it, just in case.

Neal & Wolf Blonde Shampoo


Neal & Wolf Blonde Conditioner





A very powerful detergent that cuts grease and makes our soap and shampoo foamy giving soaps their soapiness. SLES, SLS and ALS are all very inexpensive and they are the reason that our soaps and shampoos have lather, which is caused by a foaming agent. The concern about sulfates is that they have been linked as a major skin irritant associated with potential hair loss as well as them being a potential carcinogen.

Neal & Wolf Blonde Shampoo


Neal & Wolf Blonde Conditioner





Another chemical that is used to kill bacteria on the hair. Triclosan manufacturing process can also create dioxin, a powerful hormone disrupter that can have long-term health effects.

Neal & Wolf have a strong belief that even though these chemicals have been tested and work perfectly fine on natural or virgin hair, their haircare range should be enjoyed by everyone, including those who have coloured or bleached tresses. So as such, they have left the above ingredients out of their formula so that everyone can be assured that the haircare you’re getting is top-notch and catered to your hair’s immediate reality.

However, Neal & Wolf have replaced these ingredients with those that matter most, such as;

Pro-Vitamin B5 – Which is part of the B group of vitamins and classified as a water-soluble vitamin. Pro-Vitamin B5 or D-Panthenol has been used for years in hair care products because it functions as a Humectant improves the appearance of elasticity.

Glycerine – Glycerin absorbs water from its surroundings and this is what makes it an excellent ingredient for skin and hair care products. It is a sweet-tasting transparent thick liquid and can be easily dissolved in water.

The result?

Before – As you can see there is a significant amount of yellow throughout my hair in these photos.

And After – The yellow tones have been dramatically reduced and the hair has been toned to a beautiful ‘icy’ blonde or silver.

I feel their formula is the perfect combination in order to offer long-lasting protection to non-coloured or coloured hair and keep it looking fabulous from root to tip whilst neutralising any brassiness along the way to ensure luxuriously healthy and brighter hair!

So there you have it! No cringeworthy costs needed in order to achieve your perfectly-toned mane.

Blonde hair


silver hair


Shop the range here!

Let me know your thoughts and feelings, and your recommendations. I’d love to hear them! (:

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