UNBOXING Pure Pet Food’s Freeze Dried Dog Food*

November 10, 2017

Living with 3 dogs can be both a reward but also a task. Especially when it comes to mealtime.

Both of our miniature schnauzers, Isla & Murphy will quite happily eat anything that is put in front of them. On the other hand, Elsa our Tibetan Terrier is.. well lets just say she can be quite fussy when it comes to eating.. anything. So much so that we end up resorting to hand feeding the majority of her meals, otherwise she just wouldn’t eat.

Of course as a pet owner this is our main concern. And trust me, we have exhausted all available options to help motivate and encourage her. Such as raising up the food bowl to her level, using a plate instead of a bowl (as it seemed at one point that she preferred a more ‘flat’ surface to eat from) and also following the theory that dogs derive from wolves and as such require a little more time in the morning to “hunt” for their food before eating it.

Unfortunately, all of these options resort back to once again, hand-feeding.
I could understand if she didn’t get a good variation in her diet, but being  a family of doting dog parents they are our ‘fur children’ and as such we strive to give them the very best they deserve. Chicken, beef, fish. The whole works.

So upon my ‘fussy’ quest I was super happy to be contacted by Pure Pet Food and asked to review one of their Primal collections, Brilliant Beef.

At first I was a little bewildered by this product. I mean how can you possibly have a 500g box but then have the capacity to make 2kg worth of food? And then I read a little more into the product and it’s instructions, and it said all that the Freeze dried food requires in order to work it’s ‘magic’ is a little warm water, to help change it’s texture and alleviate it’s flavours in order to make it more appealing to your dog- Well I for one was definetely impressed by this. How innovative! And from the looks of it so was Elsa.

I mean she just couldn’t leave the box alone!

Pure pet food

(In it’s dry powder form)

Pure pet food

(After warm water was added)

Pure pet food

So the big test was of course, would Elsa (The fussy Tibetan terrier) eat this new found miracle food – And the answer my friend is yes! I mean it still requires her meal being on a plate but it’s a start and as soon as that warm morsel is put in front of her, she gulps it down!

Overall, I’m so happy and very impressed with the product, it’s unlike anything I have ever seen/heard before, so in my opinion it has its own little niche in the market. Not only has it given Elsa back her routine when it comes to mealtimes but it has also taken away that initial worry that we once had as pet owners. I feel completely at ease knowing that we are giving our dogs only the ‘good’ stuff as Pure Pet Food only preserve their meat for raw goodness and as such their food contains no harmful preservatives, additives, gluten or grains.

I highly recommend this to any pet owner who may have a fussy dog like Elsa, that maybe would like to try a more human-like diet.

Brilliant Beef Ingredients:

Beef & Beef Liver (50%)

Contains everything to ensure your dog has the most healthiest of diets.



Check them out here

And let me know what you guys think. (:


2 responses to “UNBOXING Pure Pet Food’s Freeze Dried Dog Food*”

  1. Britt K says:

    Sounds like a great option for fussy eaters. Trying to find a food that your pup can eat, and that works with any allergies or sensitivities that your dog may be experiencing, is definitely a challenge! We spent the better part of a year before we found the right food for our girl due to her extensive list of allergies!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  2. TheMomgineer says:

    Aw I’m so glad you found something for her!
    I couldn’t imagine having to hand feed, but, you gotta make sure she eats.
    My fur baby is like your others, she will eat whatever! Lol

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