Valentines Day Gift Inspo 2019

February 10, 2019

Can’t believe that we have less than a week to go until we find ourselves frustratingly tripping over to please one another in celebration of the love and goodness of our significant other. Not sure about you guys but over the past years, I have found it to come around far too quickly, that it’s becoming increasingly hard not to see it as just another day – Don’t worry guys, I believe this happens to the best of us, when you’ve been lucky enough to spend a good amount of years together, it just becomes the norm.

However, that doesn’t mean that the day should be as monotonous as the rest of them, they are ways to add ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’ to ensure your Valentines Day is remembered for all the lovely reasons it should be and also deemed as being just as special as the first.

It’s all hobby-dependant – What does he/she love?

For the budget-friendly;

Who said that love had to cost the earth? Wrong! It could be as simple as going the extra mile by making them breakfast in bed in the form of heart-shaped toast. (Trust me, it tastes so much better than the boring square-shaped ones!)

For the Adventurer;

Or you could try packing a sweet little (Or big, depending on the appetites) picnic and whisking them away to a romantic location/ favourite place of their choice in the search of a beautiful leisurely day walk or a starry-sky night walk. i.e Rural locations, high impact hiking (Again hobby dependent).

However, if you own a dog then there aren’t really any excuses not to venture as you’re already halfway there – There are many Parks dotted around the UK where you can easily spend the day, or even extend the trip to a few days if you manage to book a nearby b&b (Yes there are dog-friendly hotels, again no excuse!).

Not sure of where to start? You can always treat your loved ones to membership of the National Trust in order to receive recommendations of locations near you, which have been rated or are highly reputable by other previous members.

As a member you will receive:

*For a joint membership (Two adults aged 18+ living at the same address) membership costs just £9.50 a month – Just £4.75 a person!

I absolutely LOVE my National Trust membership as it allows me to discover some of natures most incredible landmarks and destinations. But there is also free online access to recommendations to suit every budget and the adventurer inside everyone. AND being a National Trust member I can visit anywhere and park for FREE at most sites – Winner winner, chicken dinner!!

However, if you do want to splurge a little extra on your ‘love muffin’, then you can be sure there are options for this as well;

For the Makeup Lover;

Bobbi Brown are always on point when it comes to their seasonal offers and promotions and Valentines Day is no exception.

From lashes to lips! This year their trained artistry staff are offering your valentine a luxurious makeover in order to help them achieve either the perfect flirty, sultry pout-look or the iconic smokey-eyed bombshell we all know and instantly gravitate towards when given a choice!

Smokey eyed bronzed look

21st Party Ready Look! – Bronzed look

purple smokey eyes

Party Ready Look! – Smokey look

glam makeover look

Pre-Birth Glam Party Ready!

The Party Ready service is £30 and is also redeemable towards any products on the day! Bonus!

What an amazing treat to be had, overall a great start to any date night and also letting your other half know just how much you love them!

For the Temptress;

Here’s something for those who enjoy a little more of the risqué-lifestyle to tempt the senses, where you both exist to please each other with your ‘fantasies’ – Hey, no hate please, just being a realist.

For those that like to explore and venture into these forbidden waters, Lovehoney has released their Valentines Play Box, a subscription box specifically designed to satisfy your loved one’s desires and cravings by putting the RAM into Rambunctious by including 5 of their playful sexy treats worth over £100 in each box. Costing only £16 a month.

A monthly treat which gives as well as takes!

For the Skincare Lover;

I recently came across the new re-brand, *Upcircle (Originally known as Optiat). Upcircle have built their utopia from the ground up by adopting a powerful ethos which promotes using only organic and recycled materials in order to raise awareness for our little earth through our love of beauty products. More importantly, by giving a new life to discarded ingredients from other sources will help encourage and enable us to live a more eco-sustainable future. And who doesn’t want that?

“At Upcircle, we elevate leftover natural ingredients, bringing them back to life as beauty products your skin will love.”

All their products are;

Here are a few examples of their mastery – I can’t wait to try them!

Pamper Kit – Face Serum, Body Scrub in Lemongrass, Tangerine + Peppermint

Upcircle Pamper kit

Pamper kit upcircle

I absolutely love this idea! The perfect travel companion! This little kit will ensure that you have amazingly moisturised and nourished skin on the go! Each sachets comes with it’s own alluring scent and each one smells incredible while doing individual wonders for your complexion.

Great skin to-go!

Face Scrub – Floral Blend

Upcircle Face Scrub

Coffee and Floral? Sounds a little-mismatched right? Wrong! it really does work by helping to erase those nasty skin no-nos. The coffee grounds act as a wonderful substitute for microbeads which help elevate any dirt and grim, also alleviating the dead and dry cells from the skin, while the infused shea butter lays down a luxurious layer of moisture in order to smooth and repair and nourish the now irritated skin.

All round a fantastic facial to be had!

Soap Bar – Cinnamon + Ginger

Upcircle Traditional Soap Bar

I love traditional bar soaps – I don’t know what it is, but it will never fail to take me back to a time where I was young and remembering how my parents’ used to teach me how to wash my hands properly by lulling me with beautiful fragrances of hand soaps.

However, this is next level!

The soap lathers in your palm beautifully to cleanse as well as exfoliate. The pink clay of the soap is said to also reduce redness and further irration while the cinnamon and ginger oils give the skin a reviving boost.

This scent lingers on the skin for hours, making this a perfect talking point when someone asks why you smell SO GOOD!

For the indulgent;

Throw away the diet plans! – At least for a few days/weeks (You know, whatever works for you), My most cliché answer would most definitely be chocolates/sweets as yes – they’re ALWAYS  an essential requirement!

I came across a few chocolatiers in my quest for the perfect valentines choccies!

If luxury is your go-to then you can be sure of nothing less than the perfect indulgent with Hotel Chocolat

heart chocolate box

Straight from the heart chocolate box

The ‘Straight from the Heart Chocolate Box‘ is admittedly a little on the pricey side but ensures to suit every chocolate-muncher, ever. If chocolates are their thing, then this box of distinctive bougie delights is sure to settle any valentines cravings and win their heart for sure!

Iconic taste with Cadbury’s

Founded in 1824 and remembered for it’s smooth, original taste, who would honestly turn down the chocolatier that started it all?

And now you can bring back this nostalgia to your loved ones by personalising a bar of their favourite choccy!
What better way to say ‘I love you’!

For the Sentimental;

Nothing says ‘memories of love’ more than a photo of a perfect moment you both shared together. It can be the most impromptu photo snapped because, selfies right? Or it can be one where a little more care, thought and attention has been taken into consideration, to the point where you already know the perfect place you’re going to put it.

my picture canvas

As you can see, mine is the first. It’s very rare that my fiancé and I get some time alone so, though it may be simple, I class this as a special moment for us, although to most it probably just appears to be a cheeky snap in a bar – Which evidently it was. However, I think turned out quite lovely and will be remembered for all those reasons. (And yes I had purple hair!)

I ordered my ‘cheeky snap’ from as they do an incredible range of canvas’ in many different designs to suit any household.

There always seems to be some sort of promotion taking place. The most recent is;

♥ Special Valentine’s Day Deal ♥ – up to 73% OFF – With GUARANTEED Valentine Day Delivery – ending 10th February midnight! So act quick!!

Here are just a few suggestions as to what you can do together, there are obviously more.
If this inspo/guide helped you in any way then I would love to know about it! Please let me know in the comments section! 

And guys whatever you chose to do, wherever you may go – Have an amazing Valentines Day!

Don’t have a valentine? Don’t worry, I’ll be your valentines! Mwah! 💋 🌹 



8 responses to “Valentines Day Gift Inspo 2019”

  1. Love the heart shaped toast so simple yet so romantic. The love honey sub box as well is pretty interesting.

    GR |

    • Rachyreviews says:

      Thanks! I like to include an array of things to do. And I got the toast idea from my fiancé as he’s a softie and tried this last year which I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to!

  2. Via Singh says:

    A great guide for the Valentine’s day. Chocolates are always loved. Also need to check the Bobbi Brown store here in Philippines. Have a nice day. 🙂

    Via |

  3. There are some really great ideas in this post! I love how you broke it down into different categories for different couples. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Bexa says:

    Heart shaped toast! I love it! That is such a cute idea! 🙂 Also wow, look at all those chocolates, I 100% agree that they are an essential requirement. Lovely post, Rachy, your photos are gorgeous! I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day and had lots of nice treats <3 xx

    Bexa |

  5. What fabulous suggestions, I love the toast idea, to cute! Will check out a national trust membership too!

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