April 6, 2020

What CAN You Do During LOCKDOWN??

For those of you who haven’t watched the news, been blissfully unaware, or just been living under that ‘metaphorical rock’ for the past few weeks then you probably won’t know that as a result of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the prime minister has decided on the 23rd March to put the UK in LOCKDOWN  for the safety of the country and everyone in it for the foreseeable future. Which requires every citizen of the UK not to go outside unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, i.e, One dose of daily exercise, going to the Doctors for emergency appointments or most importantly shopping for food or other necessities like ‘toilet roll’ (some more than others…).

Boris Johnson

Cue dramatic music – Dun, dun dun…

I know what you’re thinking (because let’s be real – I have) No, this does not mean the world is ending…Like ol’ Boris has said, it does now mean, that we have to become more aware of our actions and to also behave a little more stringent than we probably would like. But hey! It’s for the good of not only our country, but the world. 

More than ever it is imperative to adhere to the strict government guidelines and come together as a nation. STAY AT HOME!

But enough of being told what we can’t do, let’s discuss the loopholes in this Lockdown.

What can we do? Well lots of things, within reason, and mostly within your house.

So, in order to help get those creative juices flowing, I have compiled a list for you to try in the hopes it will/can help you in these unprecedented times;


Yes! This has been a huge outlet for me personally and massively helped restore positivity in my life where it has been so easy to see none. 

Now, this doesn’t mean hiking mountains or running marathons (as you need to stay close to your house remember?). 

However, if you easily get cabin fever (like me) then a gentle stroll or run around your neighbourhood is ample enough for you to get that all-important vitamin D but also will do wonders for your mental wellbeing.

Alternatively, if you go on the ol’ tube (YouTube) and type ‘home exercises’ then you will be greeted with a wealth of exercises that can easily be done in the comfort of your own living space. So there’s no excuse!


guy painting a fence blue

No need to be some sort of Picasso – or even his unfortunate apprentice for that matter.

Whether it’s (eventually) touching up those unnecessary scuff marks around your sockets and light switches, painting your fence (as funnily eno,ugh the UK has had some lovely spells of gorgeous sunny weather) or painting an entire room, grab a brush and just go for it. Promise! It’ll release those happy endorphins that we now desperately need in these uncertain times, not to mention major satisfaction when you’ve finished and have the ‘equivalent’ of a metaphorical mural to be proud of.

Clear Out Those Wardrobes

Yep, I hear you – just the thought of this also makes my skin and even entire body crawl..

BUT, you’ll be pleased to hear that with the help of lots (and I mean LOTS) of alcohol consumption, and some ‘banging tunes’ (Yep I’m that groovy) that I was able to accomplish being the owner of one very nice, and tidy wardrobe, not to mention discover a whole wealth of new clothes which funnily enough do not compromise of the same top and leggings every day. Winner-winner chicken dinner!

Get Tipsy

Now, normally I wouldn’t endorse this kind of behaviour. However, as a country, we are currently in strange waters and if allowing yourself a couple of sips (hell! Who am I kidding? The whole bottle!) will help calm your nerves and your anxiety (because let’s face it, it’s a definitely near the 99.9% mark for most people) then I say go for it!

Just make sure that you’re of sound body and mind and preferably with your in-house family members as not only will it be safer to do so but also a whole lot more inviting for all who is involved.



Again back to Mr. Piccasso, but this time with paper and crayons, phew! – So you can be as messy as you like! But in all honesty, it really does help to ground us adults, and to just take a little ‘me time’. And if you’re a lucky parent then involve the children, nothing says fun to them like a bunch of colours and free roam on a crisp, white sheet of paper.

Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

Because let’s face it – no one is. And who doesn’t like a boogie every now and then? But, back to those happy endorphins that we previously spoke of, they are essential to our wellbeing and is scientifically proven to improve brain function and boost memory. You know, as well as the obvious –  burning off the umpteen calories per dance.

Spending Some Quality Time With Your Children

Little girl colouring

You should never need a reason to do this, but if you did (due to work and other arrangements) the schools being closed for the foreseeable future should be a good one. So take advantage of this anomalous opportunity and become the routine that your child now needs. More than ever they need you to be the guidance that they seek, so spend an hour or so at least once a day helping them to maintain their weekly routines while also involving some form of education as well as fun to help keep your child’s mind engaged and educated.


If any/all of the above has either became mundane or accomplished, then your final step is to go ‘Hinch‘ your house! Sorry, by that I, of course, mean to go follow the incredible Sophie Hinchcliffe (@MrsHinchHome) – the instagram cleaning sensation who has captured over 3 million online followers just by showing her incredible hacks of how to tackle your daily mundane cleaning tasks while using ALL your favourite cleaning brands, especially Zoflora (seems to be her signature). Give in to her alluring voice as she advises you, and have your house looking and smelling Hinch-worthy in no time!

So that’s it, that’s my list. I hope that by writing this that I have either motivated or inspired you to try different things that you may have not thought of. But as always; I am not saying that you have to do ANYTHING because that is also the beauty of this time that we now have, no one is expecting anything of you. These are only suggestions and as always make sure to ‘do you’ – Take it at your pace!

As always my box will always be open if you would like to discuss anything, vent or simply say “Hi.”

Keep well and keep safe!

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