What NOT To Do On Your Northern Lights Quest

March 31, 2020

Let’s talk about dreams during this isolating period..

Northern lights

The Northern Lights are a travel bucket list must-see that any keen traveller would love to tick off. Is there a more striking natural sight than those stunning skylights? Anyone who sees them says they look otherworldly, and you only need to see the pictures to believe them!

Lucky for you, getting a glimpse of this much-famed natural phenomenon is possible from various destinations through from Iceland to Canada, and most places between. You would think, then, that this is an easy sight to see. But, as anyone who’s sought the Northern Lights will tell you, that rarely turns out to be the case. 

In truth, those striking skylights are one of the most elusive travel must-sees going. Even heading off during the prime months of August-April are no guarantee that you’ll succeed in this goal. That said, avoiding a few rookie mistakes does increase your chances are glimpsing this gorgeous site, as we’ll be discussing here. 


Avoid the city lights

Seeing the stars at night is next to impossible if you’re in the centre of the city with light pollution galore. By comparison, looking up at the sky in the middle of nowhere is like seeing a completely different sight. Well, the same applies to the Northern Lights. A trip into a busy Swedish city like Stockholm is never going to give you the best glimpse, even if there are no clouds in the way. By comparison, heading out into the wilderness on these Norwegian Fjord holidays or similar makes it far more likely that you’ll see what you’re hoping for. At the very least, you’ll be able to see some spectacular star action this way!

Northern lights

Always check the forecast

The Northern Lights and their visibility are 100% weather dependent. For instance, heavy cloud cover means that you’ll barely see a thing, while the Northern Lights themselves depend on active geomagnetic storms. As such, checking the forecast in your travel destination and also the storm rating on the KP Index makes it far less likely that you’ll be disappointed. Instead, you’ll be able to plan your Northern Lights excursion for the night of your stay that looks most promising.


Don’t give up if at first you don’t succeed

Too many people dedicate one night of their trip to this pursuit and then give up, but that’s perhaps the worst mistake of all. The simple fact is that, even after you’ve avoided the two mistakes listed above, the Northern Lights aren’t performing monkeys. Everything could look like it’s in your favour and still not work out. That’s why you should dedicate as many nights as possible to hunting the lights while you have the chance. Patience usually pays off here, so make sure you’re displaying it! 

There are no guarantees where the Northern Lights are concerned, and you should know that going in so that you aren’t disappointed. Still, avoiding these mistakes will undoubtedly increase your chances of a sighting, and could even lead to the trip of a lifetime. 


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