August 16, 2018

What to expect from your 6 month old puppy

I know, I know.. Are you feeling okay, Rachy? Posting twice in one week. Yes, I’m fine, and like I explained in my previous blog post (If you haven’t checked that one out then you can do so here) I am trying to dedicate more time doing the thing that I love most, blogging! So that means posting regular, consistent content for you guys, and this one, in particular, is about my beautiful Brown-eyed beauty of a SpringerDoodle, Arnie. And what to expect from your 6 month old puppy!

Arnie The Sproodle

Aaaand on with the post!


As far as playful antics go, Arnie’s haven’t really changed that much. I guess that’s the Springer Spaniel part of the breed which encourages him to be extremely playful, outgoing and well, springy! Sometimes maybe even a little too much. As he absolutely LOVES his walks that it almost verges on insanity!

But do not worry, this is just your puppy’s way of exerting some energy. However, in order to tone down these little episodes, I highly recommend taking your pooch a good walk at least once a day, as this will provide your pooch with some much needed mental and physical stimulation which the breed demands.

For example, I will take Arnie either very early in the morning or very late at night, as lately, it has just been too hot in the UK to walk him during the day – I know what you’re thinking, too hot in the UK? Well, there have been several reports that have seen parts of the UK hit a level 3 heatwave which is just one point away from being potentially severe and dangerous. So if you’re experiencing this, then please DO NOT WALK YOUR DOG DURING THE DAY! (Before 7am in the morning is fine and after 10pm in the evenings)

Arnie the Sproodle

Puppy Adolescence

Whilst going through puppy adolescence, I do find that Arnie has easily found his confidence, which unfortunately has resulted in him also finding his voice (barking). However, I am trying to nip this one in the bud, which is proving to be quite difficult, as I feel as though I’ve exhausted every option, such as;

Spraying him with water. – He’s a water-lover, so just laps this one up.

Small taps – Every now and then this will work but is not a consistent method.

Verbal commands – This one is probably the most effective, however, it is essential to stick to main words that you want to use as a command.

And recently I’ve been trying out Pet correctors – Which is a Spray can that emits a loud hissing (Which your pooch will not like) in order to deter your dog from barking, jumping up or pulling on the leash – Which admittedly, I’ve had a few successes with but BOY is this a pricey option!

The moment your pooch does what you want it to do, reward it!

As for his coat, I have had him trimmed a couple of times now. The first trip was only for a small trim which was more for the process than anything else, as this helps him get used to the overall experience of ‘getting in the car, getting out at an unfamiliar place and then being handed over to a total stranger for a length of time’ – Highly recommended!

Arnie the Sproodle

And the second was a lot less stressful for him as he had become more accustomed to what was going to happen, so this one allowed him to have his first all-over cut.

The amazing team at Pets at home worked wonders on his wavy coat and were very helpful when it came to reassuring Arnie and making his visit that much more enjoyable.

Also, a side note that I learned during this visit; If you expose a dog’s groinal area you can notice (and feel) a vein that naturally helps cool down your pooch whenever they decide to lay on something naturally occurring and cold, ie Tile, hardwood floor. Who knew ey?


How is my sleep pattern now? Well as we’re somewhat near fully crossing the adolescence bridge, I no longer need to make regular toilet breaks at silly o’clock in the night or early morning. Why? Because now your pup is able to hold their urine for up to 7 hours, which means you can now enjoy your much-needed sleep without any worry that your pup may wee the bed.

6 month old puppy

All-in-all I believe he’s really developing into a fine young Sproodle, who is very sociable and has a lovely temperament with anyone. I do find, however, that regularly taking him to puppy training classes has majorly helped in his development. I’m currently taking him to the APT Dog Training which is fairly local to me. This is a 6-week course hosted by the lovely Louise Meakin (AKA Dog Whisperer). And guys, let me tell you, what she doesn’t know about dog obedience is not worth knowing!

I’m so lucky to have him, he never ceases to amaze me. There are still times where I feel as though I have to pinch myself to know he’s actually there, with me and on this journey of ours called ‘Life’.

I hope this helped you or was a bit of an insight into a puppy’s development.

If you would like me to check up with you for his first birthday (As I feel that would be the next milestone) then I would be happy to do so and show off Arnie at 1 years old.

I hope this has helped you get your puppy fix, and I’ll write soon. Ciao! x

To read more about Arnie’s journey then just click here!






4 responses to “What to expect from your 6 month old puppy”

  1. neeloo says:

    all so true and relatable!!! i loved the puppy days but i dont miss the early mornings and accidents.

  2. Thanks for sharing, very useful for aspiring dog owners like myself 🙂

  3. My dog is one and a half years old but still a puppy and a lot of the things you wrote reminded me of her. She’s a labrador so not surprisingly very playful. Thank you for sharing this, would love to read more about Arnie’s milestones!:)

  4. Hhhhmmmmmm….it has helped, Stanley. Personally, I look forward to the time I’ll have a puppy for a close friend.

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