September 23, 2020

What Wales Has To Offer

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Cardiff is the capital of Wales, the newest means of Europe, and one of Britain’s fastest-growing cities and tourist destinations. The recent reconstruction of Cardiff has created world-class sports and entertainment venues to visit. There are many attractions, shops, and restaurants in the city and Wales in general. It has plenty to offer. If you like outdoor sports, then it is a must-visit! Freshwater West Beach, for example, is an incredible place that offers a mile-long beach and activities. This is an excellent escape from the city! While you are in Wales, seeing the history of the country is imperative!


Take a tour of the majestic Millennium Stadium. It is the stadium of the Welsh national team and, at the same time, hosts mainly musical performances and concerts. It will be used for women’s soccer matches at the 2012 Olympics. It is a beautiful and functional stadium built by the sea. The evening is even more impressive. Live like a native Welshman at the Museum of Welsh Life. It is a large open-air museum, which presents life in Wales in the old days. You can look at some of our travel Q&As to get a better insight into the journey. Here are some of the top Wales attractions:



This is an area that will enchant you with its landscape. There you can admire its beautiful lakes, castles, and rocky mountains.


Lake Balla

One of Wales’ natural lakes with beautiful scenery. The rainy weather (which is not uncommon to meet in Wales any time you visit it) gives a different note to this enchanting lake. Take a lovely road trip round the area!


Wye and Ask Valley

These valleys are located on the Welsh-English border. These are green valleys that are decorated with medieval castles that will take you to other past eras. 


Brecon Beacons National Park

Inside this National Park, you will see waterfalls, caves, and gorges, while there is a canal that reaches as far as Newport. The park is suitable for walking, and the route is exciting, mainly near the canal and near the river Ask.


Dee River – Llangollen

Next to the Dee River is the city of Llangollen. It is an ancient commercial town that is no less beautiful than other parts of Wales. 



This is another National Park in the country that is also offered for hiking. Also, here you will see some beautiful beaches. You can also visit St. David’s Cathedral to light a candle! 



It is the second-largest city in Wales built along the Tawe River and Swansea Bay. The area also has a beautiful marina. 

Wales is a country that offers various activities and sports, such as hiking, horseback riding, etc. But what you should be careful about if you decide to do so is the weather. Be continuously informed about the weather (which can change from one moment to the next) and get the right equipment (suitable shoes, raincoats, etc.). Generally, though, the British weather means that a little rain and cloud may occur! Be sure to pack your boots, umbrella, and a warm jumper, just if the climate changes quickly. However, it is most certainly part of its charm.


Have you ever visited Wales, it’s highly recommended!


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