August 5, 2019

What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You

Yep, you’ve guessed it right – Another dog post! But there’s just so much to learn about your new pup/dog. It’s not an awful thing to be prepared for your new furry member of the family.

As you stare into your dog’s eyes, it’s only natural to wonder what they’re thinking. We can’t experience what it’s like to be a dog, but part of us tells us that they must be thinking something. Are they happy? Anxious? Nervous? Excited? It’s not always clear.

The good news, though, is that science has provided us with some windows into the humble dog brain. There are things that we can know about our pooches, even if they cannot speak. 

“I Love You”

Strange as it might sound, dogs do appear to love their owners just as much as their owners love them. For dogs, love is way more straightforward than it is for humans. A dog will never gaslight you. A dog won’t ignore you for days if you step on its tail. And the notion of passive aggression is absent from their mindset. With a dog, the love you see is the love you get. 

We all know what it’s like to get “that look” from your pooch. You know, the one where they stare at you with those big watery eyes – you could melt. Researchers think that this might be the way a dog tells you that it loves you. There’s some type of canine attachment going on there. 

“I Want Treats”

Dogs, like us, need a little variation in their lives to make them worth living. They need a few special experiences every day to keep them happy and content. 

The good news is that unlike people, dogs don’t struggle with life’s existential problems. Keeping them happy is a practical matter. Just look up some great walks for you and your pet in your local area, and that’ll keep them happy. Plus regular trips to the vets for checkups to make sure that they don’t have an abscess on their tooth. Ouch!

“I Know How You Feel”

The idea that a dog could understand the intricacies of human emotion seems a little far-fetched. It turns out, however, that our four-legged friends are a lot more perceptive than we realize. 

The problem dogs have, though, is that when you feel down, they have no idea whether they are the reason or not. Dogs have no concept that you might have a lousy job or a terrible partner. All they know if that you’re a part of their troop and that family is what matters most. 

A sad person can lead to a confused and unhappy dog. 

“If You Reward Me, I’ll Keep Doing It”

Dogs love rewards. If you give a dog a biscuit every time it barks, the dog will bark all night, keeping both you and the neighbors awake for hours. 

The problem with dogs is that though they are insanely clever, they don’t have much common sense. They’re not very good at working out which behaviors they should adopt to please you and which they shouldn’t. Your dog could interpret yelling as a good thing because it means that you’re talking to them. 

You need to be careful. Give your dog clearly defined rewards and whatever you do, don’t shout at it!

Tell me, how do you know when your dog is being a ‘good boy/girl’?


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