Why You Should Never Follow The Crowds

July 20, 2019

Welp guys, we’ve officially made it to the weekend. Can I get a hip-hip-hooray? With that being said, what does your weekend regularly consist of? Are you the type who religiously goes out downtown with your friends with every clock off to the week? Or are you the type to enjoy some all-important ‘you time’ and as such, take it slow and steady settling down to read a couple of chapters out of your favourite book? I’m curious, let me know!

Now the general banter is out of the way.. Today I would like to focus this post on certain types of people following trends, fads and just in general not keeping original or true to themselves.




While you might like to think of yourself as an influencer, a fashionista and a decor guru, the chances are that you are merely rehashing this season’s trends. The real influencers are those people who choose to break the mould, be individual and forget about what other people are doing. If you only have a certain colour wall in your bathroom because the A-listers have it, then you know that you’re more of a sheep than a trendsetter. Following the crowd is ok when you’re young, or when you’re trying to find your own sense of style, but now might be the time to break free and follow your own path. Take a look at these reasons why you shouldn’t follow trends and why you should embrace your individuality instead.

Trends Are Fads

In truth, trends don’t even really exist. A trend is nothing more than a fad. Having a country shaker style kitchen one year might be passe the next. Instead, you should go for the decor that you love, that you want to live in and that inspires you. Having a high gloss white kitchen just because that it the interior in all of the glossy magazines could result in an interior that you despise. But it’s cool, so it doesn’t matter. Right? Wrong! You are the person living in your humble abode, so make it a place for you and no one else. You need to feel relaxed, inspired, happy and comfortable within your own four walls.


Anything that calls itself on trend will have the price tag to match. Simply by labelling something as on-trend, means that it surges in popularity. The law of supply and demand means that the more in demand a floor tile, a paint colour or a dress might be, the more it will become increasingly expensive to buy. Forget buying for someone else’s tastes and go for something that you genuinely love. By all means head onto Instagram for inspiration, but don’t go for something just because it has the most likes.

You might even choose to embrace your individuality by creating something unique. One-off upcycled pieces are becoming hugely popular. With TV cabinets, kitten heels and sofas that are one of a kind, your interior, fashion, and taste will be more exclusive. You could even bring this individually into your everyday items. You could choose a couple of customised premium phone cases for your iPhone or a custom printed pair of Converse for everyday wear.

You Could Look Ridiculous

Looking silly

Just because horizontal stripes are all the rage doesn’t mean you should wear them left, right and centre if they make you look heavier than you are. You need fashion that suits you and your body shape. If you adore canary yellow, buy some tops in that hue. If you love nothing more than living in jeans and a hoodie, embrace this comfort rather than trying to fit in with the latest designer jeggings. Following trends can lead to nothing more than misery if you aren’t careful and you might fall out of love with fashion and decor altogether.

Embrace your individuality, stand out in a world of sheep, be the leader and enjoy creating your own fashion trends for others to follow!


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