January 17, 2020

Why York Is The Perfect Girls’ Getaway Spot

‍The problem with getting older is that you let life get in the way between you and your friends. It’s incredibly difficult to keep up with your girlfriends when you’re struggling to manage everyday tasks, from managing your household to looking after your family. Before you know it, you lose touch with some of your best friends. Sure, there’s still Facebook and Whatsapp group chats to catch up, but it’s not quite the same thing as spending time together.

If you’ve been trying to spend quality time with your favourite gals, here’s a tip for you: plan a getaway weekend. The only way to have time for each other is to give yourself some well-deserved me-time away from your family for a couple of nights – promised, they’ll manage without you. And it just so happens that York is a top destination for a girls’ weekend. So pack your bag and hop on the next train to the Chocolate City. However, in case you needed more convincing than knowing they have a huuuuge chocolate factory that serves as a museum and a coffee shop, here are some of the things you and your girls could do in York:

They have an awesome spa

Life can get hectic at times. Long working hours, stress at home or in the office, and sleep deprivation can affect your look. Combined with caffeine – because we can’t go through the day with it –, unprotected sun exposure and potentially unhealthy lifestyle choices, you can find your skin showing signs of ageing. While it’s not a phenomenon you can reverse easily, you can, however, tackle some skin challenges by getting plenty of sleep and keeping hydrated throughout the day. Besides, why not start your girls’ weekend with a visit to The Grand York spa? There’s nothing like a luxury spa retreat to recharge your batteries.

Amazing nightlife activities

Okay, we’ve just said that you needed to focus on water intake and sleep to boost your look. But, be honest, when was the last time you went out with the girls? You can keep things nice and make plenty of new memories together by diving into the fantastic nightlife fun that York has to offer. Start the night with an awe-throwing workshop – yes, seriously. What better way to work out an appetite before heading to the Botanist, a delicious cocktail bar with plenty of scrumptious snacks to keep you going? It’s not much, but you won’t need more to feel at ease and catch up with each other’s lives!

The shop that must not be named

On the next day, you can embrace your inner child and enjoy some of the most magical places in York. If you’ve been an avid Harry Potter fan, you probably know that some of the filming locations and inspirations were in York. Head to the Shambles, the medieval part of town, which looks exactly like J.K. described her Diagon Alley. Besides, you can even find a Harry Potter shop called The Shop That Must Not be Named, filled with themed items.

You deserve a weekend with your best friends to recharge your batteries and revive your bond. Rather than catching up in the local coffee shop, give yourself something special and plan a weekend in York. From luxury spa to decadent cocktails, there’s plenty to do together!

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