May 15, 2020

Your Face Routine: What are the Correct Steps?

When it comes to your beauty regime, it’s likely second nature and you hardly think about how you’re doing it. But could it be that the order of the face products you use aren’t maximizing their effectiveness? Find out the correct steps for applying your skincare products in the morning and evening.

Start with Washing the Face

Choose a cleanser designed for your skin type. Get rid of oil and dirt that has built up overnight or during the day. This is both an a.m. and p.m. step and can be part of a day of pampering too.

When you suds up, use gentle circular motions with your hands to clean the face. Then thoroughly wash it away with lukewarm water and dry with a soft cloth.

Apply Toner

Next, use a toner in the morning. While some people do this step in the evening too, it’s optional at that time.

A hydrating toner provides a great base to the face before later applying makeup. Select one that feels light, and check the ingredients list for BHA or AHA, which can be effective for unclogging pores and helping prevent breakouts.

Under-Eye Creams

You might be thinking, oh no, I apply it before the moisturizer? Correct. Eye creams are light and, therefore, they belong beneath a heavier moisturizer.

In the morning, use a product that contains caffeine as it can constrict puffy skin under the eyes to help you look more awake. At night, look for a cream with hydrating properties to nourish the skin while you sleep.

Apply Acne Treatment

For acne skin, choose a professional acne treatment product that will work to fight spots. Follow the instructions on the specific product about how often to apply it and whether evening or morning are the best times (or both).

As you use it, look forward to the confidence that comes with clearer skin. Typically, using a small amount is best during the application rather than slathering it on.


Part of your a.m. and p.m. routine, the moisturizer is essential as it hydrates the skin while also trapping in the products you’ve applied before it. In the morning, apply a light cream with SPF in it to provide protection from the sun.

Wait five minutes before applying makeup so that the cream has a chance to absorb into the skin. At night, select a moisturizer that has nourishment for the skin, providing hyaluronic acid and proteins. For  anti-aging benefits, look for one with retinol.

Drink Water Too

A final note is to make sure you also drink plenty of water. Doing so provides natural hydration for the skin. While it might be hard at first, add a slice of lemon to the glass to give it a refreshing flavor. If you have dry skin, this tip can be very helpful!

About Your Beauty Routine

Now you know the correct order for applying the products that clean, protect, and help your facial skin. Does the order surprise you? Share this info with your friends to help them get more out of their skincare routine, as well

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